Open Letter to Friends, Acquaintances….

Dear Current & Former Friends, Associates, Acquaintances & Family,
A special note before my follow-up info about the airport scanners and groping:
I want to apologize for the two recent unsolicited e-mails (this being the second) and promise not to make this a regular thing. I know how many messages most people get, and don’t care for getting a lot of the unasked-for type myself. In fact, because it is awkward, and I know this will be mostly greeted by impatience, rolling eyes, chuckles and/or pity, I won’t contact most of you again about things political, but, with the hope that the fact of our current or former acquaintance will cause you to read at least this one message from me – with a promise of no further – I will instead offer a general political comment and observation now, and a few resource suggestions and then leave you alone, likely to your approval and relief.

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