Open Letter to Friends, Acquaintances….

Dear Current & Former Friends, Associates, Acquaintances & Family,
A special note before my follow-up info about the airport scanners and groping:
I want to apologize for the two recent unsolicited e-mails (this being the second) and promise not to make this a regular thing. I know how many messages most people get, and don’t care for getting a lot of the unasked-for type myself. In fact, because it is awkward, and I know this will be mostly greeted by impatience, rolling eyes, chuckles and/or pity, I won’t contact most of you again about things political, but, with the hope that the fact of our current or former acquaintance will cause you to read at least this one message from me – with a promise of no further – I will instead offer a general political comment and observation now, and a few resource suggestions and then leave you alone, likely to your approval and relief.

What I’d like to suggest to you is what I have concluded after 20+ years of gradually increasing political wakefulness, the last 6 or 7 of which have been particularly bright-eyed, and that is that the U.S. is not the country most of us pretend it is, or thought it was, and never has been. Bush to Obama, Johnson to Nixon, whatever, it’s always been a harmful empire at permanent war in my lifetime – and long prior to that – and a lot of countries and people around the world have had and are having their people killed and hurt, their governments manipulated, and their land badly abused and resources depleted in the service of it, and it’s gotten much worse in recent times for most of those doing the servicing.
What’s different now is that our government, and those of Britain, Canada, Australia, and others – and which, like theirs, is a wholly owned subsidiary, enforcement arm and collection service of the banks and corporations that are provably its owners – has now begun to introduce for use on American citizens the sort of overt human control mechanisms it has either used or supported the use of elsewhere around the world for a long time, and now augmented by recent significant and sometimes dangerous technology leaps. These are probably and plausibly more about citizen control & training than citizen protection, and are certainly not about guys in turbans, not with thousands of miles of open borders for anyone to avail himself of. The body scanners are an example of that, and the body grope is just old school intimidation – admittedly so – to make the scanner look more palatable by comparison as an option.
But neither should be an option, as both are worthy of the former East German Stasi, the Nazi Gestapo, the Soviet NKVD, pick your poison, not of a free society, and would have been thought preposterous as options on Americans or in America just a few years ago. But the frog is truly on the slow boil, and the majority public reaction now is mostly faint to each new increment of rights degradations.
For those who get their news from sources other than the cable TV and newspaper giants, this is pretty clear, and the picture that gets painted in that alternative news realm from a thousand different directions and perspectives is always the same about certain things. The biggest thing is that you are not the constituents of your government – never have been – big money is. Big money includes all the Central Banks (Federal Reserve, IMF, Bank of England, World Bank, etc.) and the too-big-to-fail commercial banks and brokerages (Goldman Sachs, Morgan-Chase, B of A, etc.), which also make up a big part of the shareholding owners list of the central banks (so they loan money to themselves, among other frauds), the military-industrial/Pentagon group (Lockheed, GE, Northrup), Big Oil, and the other non-finance/defense/oil/energy members of the Fortune 100 (Wal-Mart, Monsanto, Pfizer, Microsoft, Archer-Daniels Midland), and a bunch of old elite money and royalty families like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the British royal family, the Dutch royal family, etc. There are others, but that’s enough.
I am persuaded that all significant governmental policy of the Western nations gets carried out according the general wishes of that group. This is obvious just by looking at even the mainstream news – note that most citizens overwhelmingly objected to the Iraq invasion and the financial bailouts and now object to the TSA security, but to absolutely no effect – so far. If you look at alternative news much, the details get filled-in about how and why – the real (or more plausible) how and why. Whether the news group is an honest progressive group, or libertarian, whatever, if they report truthfully and about anything and everything that comes their way, then the stories usually jibe, and the general picture painted is also quite consistent, and it supports my general conclusion above.
The many vehicles of this policy production; The Council on Foreign Relations, The Tri-Lateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, The Rand Corporation, the G20, et al, all really do exist, are made up of many of the same people, and do exert massive policy influence on governments and mostly do the bidding of Big Finance. No mystery about any of that anymore. It’s official and I hope you’ll check yourself.
So now, because of the internet, this mechanism, a version of which has quietly governed world events for centuries, is becoming known to Joe Six-Pack for the first time, or can be if he’d like the news. That’s new and it’s a great development. It’s not rocket science, though, and while it is a conspiracy, so many of the pieces that make up the mosaic are verifiable, with supporting, confirming documentation, that it really can’t be said anymore to be “theory,” except by the uninformed and the willfully ignorant. It’s obvious, anyway, that those who have the most will use their additional pull to ensure that they keep it and get more. That’s hardly an astute observation, and it’s definitely not a radical proposition. It’s even less radical to point out the supportable facts that prove it, and there are a zillion of them now to cite, but any one of them leads down the same rabbit hole and to all the others, and they do all converge. I have a starter list of biggies below.
I suspect that because of this awakening and realization by an increasingly vocal minority (I don’t mean the manipulated Tea Party, though that’s a degraded and co-opted symptom of it), plus the availability finally of the right kind of advanced technology, along with the deep disinterest and apathy seen in most Americans about anything which might actually matter and be of fundamental importance to their rights or their children’s rights, the process to have a world security state is now moving more quickly than it used to – I imagine to forestall more wake-ups as the horse gets further and further from the barn.
Only the truly oblivious, indifferent, or deep in denial will not have noticed all the surveillance cameras that have gone up the last 5 years in all the Western nations (London has about a half-million), while Minority Report facial recognition is also about five minutes off, and there is pre-crime technology and protocols (recently shown on Discovery Channel), and other forms of biometric ID and micro-chipping are deep in the works, too (Wal-Mart just rolled out a trial of tracking men’s underwear and jeans by recently putting RFID chips in the waist bands), and cash is starting to get phased out, and electronic credits phased in, meaning that eventually, if the central government – of whatever version – doesn’t like the cut of someone’s jib, your debit card gets turned off. Very Book of Revelations, simple, and definitely on the way (American Airlines recently started refusing cash (my cash, as it happened) on board their planes as one example.
For now, though, it’s the airport scanners and grope downs, as I suppose it’s time to find out if the herd is sufficiently compliant now to move on quickly to the next step (body cavity searches and the introduction of like measures to train, subway, and bus stations appear to be next up, followed by malls, schools, hospitals, and stadiums), and if not, then these are also good training devices and useful to get the frogs used to the latest temperature increase before introducing the next thing or escalation of the same thing. So this moment, in my estimation, is the one that can’t be ignored. If we’re ever going to, it would appear to be time to not comply and/or not participate, or it’s going to be a full-blown and a very ugly genie – which students of history will recognize clearly – that will be out of the bottle, but this time with a very hi-tech assist.
That’s why I’ve here written a bunch of people who didn’t ask to hear from me, most of whom I barely know or see anymore. I felt I wanted to say something to the people I’ve known before moving on exclusively to people I don’t and never have, partly out of respect for knowing you and the harm you (and we all) could face, and partly because I hope that my knowing you will lead to a higher readership and/or a more open-minded read than I might get with strangers (though it’s usually the opposite). But this isn’t a hand to play often, so you won’t hear from me like this again. This is my evaluation, not hastily formed, and my warning at what I deem to be a critical moment, much past which it might not matter, anyway, so once is enough, and now is the time. Hear it, verify it and heed it if you’re interested & able.
There’s always a point where the bad thing is clearly on, and the change has clearly begun to turn the corner, but because it’s still early on, anyone that points out the obvious, as I am now, is still marginalized. Often, though, no amount of proof is enough. I have learned that however egregious or many the violations, most people will either say, ‘no, it’s not happening, I don’t care about your proof’ or ‘yeah, so it’s happening – what do you want me to do about it? I don’t have any time (or influence)’ or ‘yeah, it’s happening – it’s fine by me’ (even when “security measures” provably lead to decidedly less security in other ways, like with health).
Those responses seem to be hardwired into human nature. Having seen all the documentaries about WWII with interviews of German people who claimed into very old age that they didn’t know what was happening at the camp at the end of their village road or who was on those trains (or that there were camps or trains in the first place) tells me what I need to know about this moment, so I’ll be content if my note of alarm captures the attention of any of the people I’ve sent it to.
If you’re still reading at this point, then it possibly has, and I hope you’ll look into a couple of the things I will mention shortly via either one of the means I’ll suggest or by another of your own choosing, but definitely not via either Fox, MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, PBS, Time Magazine, et al. They only report truthfully about trivial or secondary matters and/or when the alternative media has forced their hands about important things, and are always therefore late to the party in those cases anyway. In general, I am persuaded that they exist to legitimize the status quo, and they enable the escalation of the loss of rights and the continuation of empire, and need to be shunned by the general public. It’s hard not to once the wakefulness sets in and one is exposed and used to more fundamental and honest news.
It’s an escalation on many fronts, though. So many, in fact, that it’s quite daunting, so I’m not without understanding or empathy for those who learn just a little and then want to block it all out. But I suspect that the block-out will soon have ceased to be an option, or already has, and that the practical realities of living in an aspiring police state owned by banks and major corporations are about to become unavoidable to almost everyone, so here are some things you may not know (and may not want to) or are only dimly aware of, in case you’d like to do some homework and possibly raise your voice in opposition or otherwise attempt to reverse the current ugly trajectory of things.
  • Codex Alimentarius: Really scary food law protocols – having to do with WTO treaties, not food safety or public health – going into effect soon which, among other things, will make a bottle of Vitamin C as expensive as patented pharmaceuticals and require you to get prescriptions to get the dosages you can get now over the counter and cheaply. Small farms and ranches will also be losers. The winners; the ones who wrote it, Big Pharma and Big Agri-business. SEE: Nutricide
  • GMO/GE (Genetically modified food/genetically engineered organisms): A super scary genie which probably can’t be put back in the bottle once released, it allows companies to patent life forms (and then sue everyone accidentally found using it, like when, for example, some patented Monsanto crop seeds accidentally blow into the field of a non-GMO farm and Monsanto can then ruin them for patent infringement). GMO also combines cross species genes – scary, untested long term – and like with salmon, will put the native species out of business in a certain number of generations. Salmon just got approved by the FDA, almost the whole American soy crop is GMO, most of North American corn/maize, the whole Canadian canola crop, and the corn has been shown to cause kidney failure in farm animals. Check out “terminator seeds”; they don’t grow without Monsanto chemicals added, manufacture their own pesticide from within and do not produce viable seeds – new seeds (& chemicals) have to be bought every year from Monsanto. This has already caused much devastation and financial ruin in places like India. This is a pretty clear case of crimes against nature, and great example of the power of the mega-corporations. SEE: The World According to Monsanto & The Future of Food  
  • DU (Depleted Uranium): Our military uses spent uranium from energy reactors for military armor and shell casings. So hard it cuts through steel like a warm knife through butter, it has a half-life of 4.5 BILLION years, and many of the women exposed to it in the nations of our imperial domination like Iraq and Afghanistan, are now giving birth to monsters. It saves the reactor/energy companies loads of money by converting a waste product needing costly disposal measures into a money-making commodity for sale. It also vaporizes upon impact into fine dust, so cleaning it up is likely impossible, which means that we are potentially rendering whole sections of the planet uninhabitable while we make it “safe for democracy.” We also expose our own troops to it routinely, of course, and it does in part finally make its way into the atmospheric currents and come home to us. SEE, among others: Poison Dust 
  • Geo-Engineering (AKA Chem-trails): They sort of look like vapor con-trails, but are much thicker and they don’t disperse, but rather spread out gradually in the wake of jets to make a blue sky turn silver. They were long denied the last 15 years – with those claiming that they existed called “kooks”, of course – but are now admitted, and are part of what is known as geo-engineering, or weather/climate control. Apparently made up largely of aluminum and barium, they are said to be for reflecting the light of the sun away from earth and therefore are supposed to be helpful with “global warming” now sometimes referred to as “climate change.” However, there is a great deal of controversy about and some certain fraud attending that issue – lots of doctored data to support pre-determined conclusions (see Climategate) – and it is certain that aluminum and barium are super-toxins for us, with their levels greatly elevated on the ground in recent years. The levels of aluminum in the snow (eventual drinking water for many) on Mt. Shasta, for example, has elevated by thousands of times in the last few years and it’s nowhere near any industry and the Chinese airborne waste does not contain this stuff – but chemtrails do. It’s also certain we weren’t asked for our approval to run the experiment we’ve been subject to, now admitted to have begun long ago. SEE: What in the World Are They Spraying? 
  • Monetary Policy/Money Creation/Fiat Money/Central Banking/Fractional Reserve Banking: To not be familiar with this topic is to hamstring all other attempts at political or economic enlightenment as this undergirds everything and is the hammer trump card of the policy makers and the majority beneficiaries of world events. To be an informed citizen, this must be grasped and then changed, as it is the permanent engine of wars and for poverty in most of the world. SEE: The Money Masters and Money As Debt, See also John Perkins book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman
  •  9/11: This is the day that started the rapid decline, and, besides all the wars, is the basis for all recent rights erosion and security state buildup. The official story/explanation for the events of the day ranges from implausibly weak to demonstrably fraudulent. The topic is vast, so if you want to deal with the simplest and most obvious problem, it’s the story of the third building that fell that day in Manhattan, known as Building 7, which fell about 5:30 PM, straight down, about 50 stories in about 6 seconds, partially at free fall speed (meaning there was no resistance below), symmetrically (no toppling, looked like an old Vegas casino coming down). It was not hit by a plane, had only a few fires burning (no steel building had before or since that day has ever fallen due to fires) and the BBC announced it had fallen – past tense – 20 minutes before it did. The BBC reporter can be seen on YouTube announcing its demise with it still visibly standing behind her. Amazingly, (or not) the 9/11 Commission never mentioned this collapse in their report. Nor did the mainstream media much then, and never afterwards. The best presentation of the reasons this was almost certainly a controlled demolition are given by the Berkeley based Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth in their Blueprint for Truth. If you can argue with the math, I’d love to hear it 
  • And finally, the order of the day, the Scanners & Pat-Downs, the reason you heard from me in the first place recently. The situation, some of you may know, has developed into a national furor, and there are several things one could do if they had a mind to.
    1. This Wednesday, the 24th is National Opt-Out Day if you’re flying to see family (or they’re coming to you), meaning one would avoid the scanner by saying “I Opt-Out” and deliberately get groped in front of everyone else. This will gum up the works for the TSA screening lines and then cause a lot of additional people to see how invasive the grope actually is and then the hope is it will become the topic of conversation at Thanksgiving tables around the country leading to some long overdue outrage at a government already way over the line.
    2. A District Attorney Elect in San Mateo County near SFO will now prosecute – possibly – TSA screeners for sexual assault if they go past a certain point in the grope, i.e., a felony for genital/breast/butt grope under the clothes, a misdemeanor on top (this is widespread by now, videos and stories all over the web) and are deemed to have acted with lewd intent. How to prove that last bit is the loophole out for TSA screeners, but at least it’s some of the right kind of noise from a public servant.
    3. Ron Paul, about the only consistently honest man in Congress, as far as I can tell, has just put forward new legislation to remove federal immunity from TSA screeners when they cross the same line, and gave an impassioned address to the House Floor on November, 17th, noting the inarguable slide of the country into a police/security state status since 9/11, which this policy change makes unavoidably obvious. Ask your Rep. to co-sponsor his bill.
    4. Multiple privacy lawsuits, like the Nader backed EPIC suit, to support.
    5. An airport near Orlando, Florida is dismissing the services of the TSA and bringing in a private firm. Whether that means the scanners and the grope go away too is unknown to me, but I’ve got think that will be part of it. I will be looking for new flying options along this line, like private charters and airfields, and for major airports that will be following the Orlando lead.
    6. Don’t fly or don’t allow either measure if you do. The scanners and the grope are both nightmares. If this can be done at airports, it can be done anywhere and everywhere, and body cavity searches are the next progression (already discussed, and only waiting for someone to get caught with a bomb inside their body – inevitable). Barring emergency, I won’t be fly for routine or pleasure purposes until and unless this gets solved in a way that is in agreement with our Constitution’s 4th Amendment.
Additions to this:
  • People are reporting having their colostomy and urostomy bags disconnected in the gropes (and soiling themselves as a result), and women having to remove their breast prostheses.
  •  John Tyner, in San Diego, after refusing both measures, got escorted out of the security area by TSA, but was then additionally harassed after by TSA for leaving the area they escorted him out of. He was informed that they planned to prosecute him civilly (note it’s not a criminal violation) for an $11,000 fine, even though they escorted him, and they also announced to him that, as far as TSA is concerned, buying a plane ticket is an implicit waiving of rights. If you go to the airport, they have you. Either get scanned, groped or fined. No win. Rights forfeited, according to them. To travel – a really fundamental freedom.
  • The best general and active website I’ve found for information pertinent to this topic (all these topics, really), is – very libertarian – and for those who like PBS, a more honest news program with a legitimately progressive overtone is Democracy Now,
My understanding is our rights are inalienable. We don’t give up some to utilize others. But we don’t keep them either unless we demand they be recognized. No chance. To want that is to want what never was or ever will be, to paraphrase Jefferson (I think).
Anyway, that’s my written Paul Revere’s ride. If you care about poverty, public health, the environment, privacy, animal or human rights, or just consider yourself anti-war, there’s going to be something in the above list to rouse you, if you’re not already up.
I’d love to hear from anyone with constructive or good news or contradictory evidence, but if I’m imposing, then know that I already assume that, and that I won’t bother you again anyway (unless you specifically ask me to), so no need to let me know.
I wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who made it to the end of this, and thank you for your time reading it. If you look into anything I mentioned, then consider me additionally grateful, and please pass it along as you see fit. Good luck whatever comes.
Jim Funk

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