Bonnie Faulkner talks to Catherine Austin-Fitts (part 1) (part 2)

A discussion between two of the most admirable truth telling women I’m aware of, Fitts paints about the most cogent and concise (and non-hysterical) picture of the apparently complete corruptness of the financial system and its titans and government helpmates I’ve ever heard. Super smart, she sees it all clearly. Particularly notable is what she has to say about student loans and fraudulent collateral debt on mortgages and why the banks should have been allowed to fail. But, above all, note what she says about the “black budget” and its beneficiaries, those who can “kill with impunity,” and consider that you fund all of that with your money and labor.

Though hidden, at least formerly, it’s a not a remote thing. It affects us all directly everyday, both in moral and practical terms. Ponder the existence of such a thing, because it makes politics very simple. Though as yet unknown to most of those participating, and though the two movements would largely disagree about solutions, an instinctive awareness of this likely drives both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements. Whether they’ve heard the details yet of how the mechanism works or not, I think a lot of the participants are finally ready to, or getting close. Just a nudge away from clarity. When they do I think there will very little disagreement about the root causes of the problems, and Fitts is definitely one of those I’d like doing the describing to the uninitiated.

It’d sure be nice to wake up in world with her as Secretary of the Treasury in a Ron Paul Cabinet (and that it was Faulkner, and not Charlie Rose, that was the household name as an interviewer.)

Once you’ve heard this type of interview, is it not then amazing to think that these things are not known and talked about everywhere, and to then consider the inanities that are routinely part of the public discourse?

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