Revusky’s Law & Roger Rabbit Narratives

Jon Revusky is a unique writing voice, and the article below is really noteworthy, I think. Insightful, intelligent, thoughtful, and funny and entertaining. He, himself, is likewise funny, and would seem to be quite good-natured based on the interviews I’ve heard with him, like this one where he discusses the linked article below with another “good guy”, Kevin Barrett:

Revusky’s maiden voyage article linked below deals colorfully with probably the main conundrum facing “truthers” (as I define that word: people inclined to easily and ungrudgingly follow the path of verifiable facts or greatest plausibility – where facts are not available, or don’t necessarily explain every little thing – whatever they are/that is and wherever they lead without respect to any pre-existing notions they might have about how the world works, or has worked till now, or how following that path might affect them personally), that being the phenomenon of the non-truther, and interacting with them (most people). It also helps define, super entertainingly, what truthers and non-truthers are in the first place, their basic characteristics and tendencies.

The whole article resonates hugely with me, and it also made me belly laugh, and so I’d like this man to have an audience. The article is long-ish, but greatly worth the read, and with the corporate news cycle lately dominated by the obvious noise of whether professional athletes do or don’t stand-up during national anthems, it seemed like a good time to share it.

Revusky’s own (slightly neglected) website (c’mon Jon, get your articles on there, too!) is found here:

The Basic Problem

An apt example of the basic dynamic of collectivism. The “owner” owns nothing. The entity that one can not disassociate from, nor have any practical control over, the state, acting as a proxy for “the group”, effectively owns all the houses within its jurisdiction. A warned occupant in this case must both fix any “violation” AND apply for permissions and pay their costs in order to do so, and which will likely be followed by citations in a matter of time if not fixed in the preferred time frame, and must also pay for the agents who are grossly misusing their time issuing the warnings.

No sane persons would ever direct their servant government to apply itself thus in this time frame, within hours of a hurricane’s passing, but this is what must inevitably be the result of the existence of a relationship which may not be opted out of. The servant is become the master, and must unavoidably become so, and there likely is no reform I can see save the ending of compulsory participation in “the group”. The DM

2017 9/11 Film Fest

If you live close enough to go, this a whole bunch of pretty admirable people all in one room (Faulkner, Barrett, PEPPER!, et al), with other good guys like Corbett contributing media to it. How often does that happen in real life? (Nice room, too.)

William Pepper is the main speaker, and he’s the lawyer who got an actual civil judgement in the case of MLK’s death asserting active government involvement in it (and demonstrating that J.E. Ray was not a lone gunman – or a gunman at all, if memory serves). Didn’t and doesn’t make the corporate news, of course, but a pretty big deal, and definitely something to share with others unaware of it, whether digitally or in conversation.

9/11 Truth Film Festival – Why 9/11 Truth Still Matters

9/11 Truth, Film Festival, speakers, films, schedule

OBL on 9/10/01

A longstanding and oft repeated rumor, allegation, whatever. If true, it’s just another of the many deal-breakers about the official story of the big day’s events and its background.

Where Was Osama bin Laden on September 10, 2001? One Day Before 9/11. His Whereabouts Were Known – Global Research

This CBS Report suggests that Osama bin Laden had been admitted to a Pakistani Military hospital in Rawalpindi on the 10th local time, less than 24 hours before the terrorist attacks. The report does not mention when he was actually released.