The Basic Problem

An apt example of the basic dynamic of collectivism. The “owner” owns nothing. The entity that one can not disassociate from, nor have any practical control over, the state, acting as a proxy for “the group”, effectively owns all the houses within its jurisdiction. A warned occupant in this case must both fix any “violation” AND apply for permissions and pay their costs in order to do so, and which will likely be followed by citations in a matter of time if not fixed in the preferred time frame, and must also pay for the agents who are grossly misusing their time issuing the warnings.

No sane persons would ever direct their servant government to apply itself thus in this time frame, within hours of a hurricane’s passing, but this is what must inevitably be the result of the existence of a relationship which may not be opted out of. The servant is become the master, and must unavoidably become so, and there likely is no reform I can see save the ending of compulsory participation in “the group”. The DM

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