The Crumb Trail

“Connect and be outraged. This is the path to true patriotism, a love of one’s home country and the world that is our home.”  Thus the author concludes his shareworthy piece linked below.

I agree with him in part, and entirely in spirit, but not anymore in suggestion for solution or the reason for correction. Patriotism isn’t helpful or even reasonable. It’s just an expression of collectivism, which is immoral and leads to horrendous practical results for those not living inside ‘Rome’ in the earlier stages, and finally for all ‘Romans,’ eventually. He also, though, says this in the same paragraph: “We are not lost children without a way out of the forest of deception and fear. Follow the knotted string to freedom. Add to it.”, and that I have no argument with (I also applaud the timeline, in general).

The question isn’t whether collectivism works (maybe it does, I suppose, in some ways, like roads and bridges building and maintenance), but whether it’s moral, above all, and what its total consequences are. Most importantly, and the most relevant thing to consider when looking at the timeline in the linked article, I think, is whether any of that which is outlined could have been avoided within the prevailing paradigm human society currently operates under, including the U.S. I think not. Not at all.

I’m persuaded that there isn’t anything at all in the way of non-trivial reform or oversight that can be applied to the existing structure of societal control. Whereas if your local laudromat’s coin changer machine started returning 3 quarters on the dollar every 5 times a dollar was inserted, the situation would either get fixed or the place would very quickly get abandoned, there is no like mechanism available to “citizens”, of whatever entity. No matter how much intention, corruption and incompetence the timeline suggests or is provable, no one of us can turn his back on the institution which is common to all of it, withdraw his support from it via a lack of participation, without facing the threat, if not the fact, of force.

So, none of the timeline could have been prevented, because the entity which is common to all of it cannot be controlled or reformed. The paradigm, and the moral and practical arguments put forward to support it can, however, be reconsidered. And then abandoned, as they should be.

Global Research

As we know, children love to trace, to connect the dots, to make connections, but often the connections they make frighten adults who try to ignore their points or offer some ridiculous circumlocutions. Maybe we adults are much like children in our desires to make connections, but the thought of it frightens us, even when we are already frightened by being lost amidst a forest of propaganda.

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