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Content, what people say, matters greatly, but I increasingly rely on tone and attitude to guide me about whether someone is worth listening to or trying to reach, communicate with, would be someone I’d like to live in community with, and this conversation is a perfect example of why I long ago chose to describe myself as a libertarian (small ‘L’) and gravitated strongly and immediately towards the post-9/11 Truth movement and the voluntarist fork of libertarianism. However someone starts out, however far right or left, should they come to esteem freedom and truth above other societal and moral values, I have found that those people are also civil, courteous, good humored, and open-minded. I now consider that one of the easiest tells about a person’s character, civility or its lack. Here are a couple of civil former lefties (James Corbett, a liberal Canadian by upbringing, dominant culture, and Mark Crispin Miller, now besieged professor at NYU, and former member in good standing of Left academia and independent journalism) having a very civil and intelligent chat:

How to Disarm Propaganda – Mark Crispin Miller on #SolutionsWatch

The term “propaganda” is a marketing jargon way of saying “Lies”. The spelling itself is part of a system of lying. We can see it we can name it, too little too late? dunno, but the dyke has burst, the last straw busted me camel’s back, the baked mudflats of humanity are steaming a lung burning sulfur sargasso stench,, Its as good as it gets right?

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