A Personal Statement For The Times

A strange message to write and long in the contemplation, too long, it’s one I never would have thought I’d feel the need to, once upon a time, but the times are stranger still, increasingly so, and way past the point now of just being a curiosity or feeling like a passing societal phase, so I thought it time I should speak up, tell those who know and interact with me where I stand with respect to the unprecedented ongoing worldwide situation we now all live inside. Long overdue that I should. Though possibly inevitable now as the situation continues to escalate, it’s not something I’d like to repeat over and over individually to those I come into contact with, and I’ve no interest in being rude at such times or in entering into debate or conflict about it routinely, but I’m sure it will have an affect on many people’s inclination to associate with or be around me, so it seems efficient to do it this way.

While I have no way of knowing the entire truth of the circumstances of the CV-19 virus (or its variant offspring), I think I am in a position to assess the reality and certainly my own perception about the most significant reactions to it, both societal and personal, and now some of the results, actual and expected, and the coming trajectory of the continuing reaction to it. I’m also able to state how I feel about the lockdowns and the lockdown culture that now exists and other reactions to date, including now the injections and the relentless push for them, and the segregation of those that have not taken the shots that is now ominously and dangerously manifesting around the world.

My position is, first, that whatever c19 is, whatever its origins and effects, it is one risk among innumerable others that life and the world contains, and the reactions to it would appear now to be the bigger risk and the greater harm. I consider the quarantine/lockdowns/injections push, the official reaction to the virus, and the largely uncritical acceptance of all that by the majority of the general public, to be bizarre in the extreme, exceptionally harmful, dangerous, and I would think that the financial ruin, adverse effects on and risks to health and wellness in other areas both along the way to this point, and going forward, and the nullification of the most basic liberties that I thought so esteemed, by at least the American mind, that have been visited upon the world since March of 2020, would make that self-evident to anyone. That’s clearly not the case, however. I realize I am in a minority of people that feel this way, or at least that are willing to say so and also act on it.

Secondly, though votes might be taken in legislatures (they have largely not been: this has been mainly a swarm of executive orders and decrees by heads of state large and small, and health agency officers all over the world since it started), I don’t have the moral right to lock another down, vote or not. States will do it, anyway, because they can, have the means to enforce it, and always tend to become authoritarian over time, but it’s not something I have the right to do, to cause another financial ruin and adverse effects to myriad other areas of well-being and health, in order to avoid a single risk among countless others. The emerging ‘show your papers’ aspect, i.e., the injections and their verification requirement in order to conduct one’s life ‘normally’ again is my cue to speak up, and I’m late in doing so.

The peoples of Australia and New Zealand – ‘Down Under’ apparently the testing ground for the most complete and first use of these extreme and oppressive China-like policies in the ‘West’ – after very little loss of life relative to populations, have been subject to the strictest lockdowns in the western world [1]. Unapologetically authoritarian [2], right down to forced detentions in Australia for incoming travelers testing ‘positive’ for covid (which the detained have to pay for, not the state), and now getting worse. Those detentions had been happening in set-aside hotels in the most heavily quarantined places like Victoria, but now there are ‘camps’, already existent and more planned, known as ‘National Resiliency Centers’, and there are videos & news reports [3] and posts by Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory this past week [4] and month about their people being taken off to such a camp [5], and claiming that Aboriginal people are being coerced, bribed and now forcibly injected, and pleading for help from the outside world. [6] Difficult to verify entirely, but dire if true, and some of it surely is, as the government itself stated some of it. [7]

Canada is on a very similar if slightly slower trajectory. [8] France & Italy are already using QR codes on phones to prove one’s shots status. Austria just enacted the world’s first lockdown of the uninjected [9], and plans to make the injections mandatory [10], with other countries in Europe planning same. These are First World countries with similar economic and governmental institutions and structures and nominal values to The United States, so, this should all be raising clanging alarm bells in the minds of all critical thinkers and students of history. Should already have done long ago. It can happen here. It can always happen anywhere.

Proof of injections and the related technology to carry it out means eventual constant surveillance for every individual using a cellphone and eventually receiving a microchip, a concept completely incompatible with any notions of freedom or privacy. Based on my own reading of history and the visible attitude of many injected Austrians [11] to that country’s very recent ‘lockdown of the unvaccinated’, I’m guessing – I’d bet to the point of near certainty – that most people are either fine with this, or will go along with it, at a minimum, but I officially don’t consent to it, and am stating publicly now my rejection of the whole paradigm. That statement could easily turn my life on its head, but it seems unavoidable at this point, and so best to just face it, and I wanted people to know.

Whatever Covid-19 is, was (as it’s mutated now, predictably, and will continue to, indefinitely) and whatever actual risk levels it poses, I can’t really know, no layman could, as the official narrative and the reasonably dissenting voices and stories I’ve heard and seen are in stark disagreement, and the official story and policy keeps changing, anyway. What I can know, though, is the tone of the discussions and writing and the credentials of many of the dissenters and of those offering other perspectives and information, which are quite often very civil, unhysterical, open-minded, curious, and experiential, with many being highly credentialed. [12]

They seem to me sensible, reasonable, varied and credible, and, coupled with the admission by many involved in the state’s management of the crisis and in the medical field that the stats are inflated and that the PCR test does not and never did specifically even test for the particular virus and the high cycle count used throughout leads to a huge % of false positives, anyway (thus, the numbers are hugely degraded), and the clear conflicts of interest present with some of the prominent players setting or hugely influencing public policy (like Gates & Fauci), I’m inclined to lend the dissenters an ear and open mind, at least. Particularly so as nothing said from the dissenters’ camp makes any requirements upon anyone.

There is no potential or reality of coercive force there. Just information to be considered, like the apparent efficacy of legal and long ago approved Ivermectin, for one (which sounds, among other things, like it plausibly could have helped a lot of people, and also negated the rationale for the Emergency Use Authorizations of the untested injections), and they all have a great deal to lose and face staggering ridicule and scorn for contending with the official story, and have been excluded from the conversation, harmed and marginalized. Therefore, deemed heretics, they have the benefit of the doubt from me, because the presence of the phenomenon of heresy in society necessarily indicates the existence of rigid unchallengeable official dogma, and that’s never been a good thing historically speaking. Very dangerous for the initial heretics, like Socrates, Copernicus, Galileo, Martin Luther, et al, and inevitably for anyone that thinks like them, and we now have full blown secular heresy in play within society, and we have high secular priests to determine it.

So, being also a non-hysterical person attracted to civility, open minds, humor and the truth, or to plausibility when truth can’t be known surely, and this being at the very least this hardly a Monty Python, ‘bring out yer dead’ situation, I am at the point of assessing this for myself, based on the information available to me and the perceived integrity and demeanor of those and from where I glean it, and feel it proper that I should, and to a large degree, can. Regarding demeanor, I find it to be an accurate barometer of intent and sincerity most of the time. If I all had to go on was the demeanor and tone of the Aussie and Kiwi political and health ministers at the forefront down there – leaving the content of their words completely aside – and compared that to that of someone, a heretic, like Robert Kennedy, Jr., say, or of Mike Yeadon (former Pfizer scientist), it’s not even a question which of those parties I would be inclined to give the benefit of the doubt to: The civil, intelligent, curious, open-minded and credentialed people, attempting to inform, with much to lose. Every time.

I don’t expect to be convincing anyone of anything, but will share my assessment for the curious and affected and those in my life or crossing my path. That being that, whatever the risk of microbes and pathogens in the wide world, I never agreed to be placed under a soft house arrest, perhaps repeatedly or indefinitely, due to them, nor to breathe indefinitely, unhealthfully and restrictively through material in an ever widening set of circumstances, nor ruined financially, nor be permanently and constantly surveilled, nor be forced to take anything into (or carry anything upon) my body against my will, repeatedly, much less something experimental & untested, and which could not plausibly have been developed safely in the time frame available, and which is semi-pointless, anyway, as viruses are moving targets, always mutating, as this one has apparently already done many times, and which is verifiably harming many people. [13] I don’t consent to any of that, and consider the situation insane and perilous in the extreme, both morally and practically.

I also didn’t vote for, nor do I or need I, trust Bill Gates, for many good and sane reasons, nor Dr. Anthony Fauci (who guaranteed a pandemic during Trump’s first term – how? [14]), or his association with Gates, or with the lab in Wuhan, nor the statistical models used in assessing the initial risk of the virus (the main creator, Neil Ferguson, being personally disgraced for not following his own isolation recommendations while having an affair with a married woman, and also proven wildly wrong professionally, not for the first time), nor the fact that there was a symposium in NYC in October of 2019 (Event 201 [15]) which was a round-table seminar exercise, but which coincidentally laid out in great detail all that was very shortly to come in the real world (had already begun, in fact), and which comprised the same people and institutions to be at the forefront of the pending actual real world situation, nor that the World Economic Forum (WEF), one of those parties, has very detailed and elaborate plans for the shape of the world they would like to come (called The Great Reset [16]), and this virus and the reaction to it is part of those plans, is referenced in them, and is hastening and facilitating them (those plans are or were available on its website). 

Human society is highly stratified, more so now than I can ever recall, and my life’s experience persuades me that there is obviously a policy-setting ownership class that supercedes and directs governments, with the heads of groups like The WEF being members of that class. They have the resources and access to pursue and maintain their agendas and protect their interests. Regardless, I don’t share the WEF’s vision for the world, humanity or the immediate course of my own life. It sounds perfectly dystopic to me, and Klaus Schwab, the head of the WEF, is a very powerful private individual that I did not and would not vote for, and over whom I have no control. He’s welcome to his vision, but I reject it, and recommend people read about it on the WEF’s website linked herein before offering anymore cooperation to the policies now in place regarding the virus, which would appear to be a shoehorn catalyst to implement the broad WEF policy visions known as The Great Reset and The New Normal, and which would clearly have to have been written out well in advance of the c19 situation, as numerous and detailed as they are, and as early into the situation as they were available on the WEF website (a related and complementary set of policy visions and recommendations were previously created and are maintained and updated by the United Nations, known as Agenda 21, and with interim support agendas to carry it out, such as the current interim plan, Agenda 2030). 

The dodginess of the circumstances and the people and institutions in the public forefront of this, the obvious conflicts of interest with public health officials and the pharmaceutical companies, Fauci/NIH and the Wuhan lab, the origin of the virus, all the patents, combined with the now routine removal, disparagement and marginalizing of dissenting voices on major news and social media, is all significant and plausible enough to me that my inclination is to regard all the information and intent coming from state and mainstream, corporate news sources with the greatest wariness. History suggests that’s a reasonable position to take towards centralized power (and those that assist it); that it does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. I take that position soberly, after looking at a lot of information, watching a lot of behavior and demeanors, assessing motives and associations, and with a better than average grasp of history, a college degree to prove it, and nearly 60 years of life completed.

For many, my position creates a clear and present danger to the herd, puts people at risk, and surely makes me appear heartless to some (and gets me repeatedly and inaccurately lumped in with a set of political and social preferences that have nothing to do with me – I favor neither Trump nor Biden, and am amazed either even had a chance to hold the office of President). Maybe if the virus were indeed the only risk in life, the only health concern, or if the injections actually prevented infection or transmission of the pathogen – they do not – perhaps that would make me worthy of that description.

But there are many other risks in life and costs to lockdowns, and many plausibly predict that the adverse health costs of lockdowns in other areas and ways, via financial ruin, stress, missed (voluntarily, out of fear of virus) or postponed (by doctors or facilities) health treatments and procedures and supplements, domestic violence, substance abuse, and the disruption of supply chains, most notably for food, will finally be far in excess of any good quarantine and lockdown (Q&L) did in averting a run on the hospitals, which was all it was supposed to do. It was never going to stop the virus from making its rounds, and which, I have to assume, we’ve all been exposed to many times over by now, its variants, as well, and of which there will perpetually be a new one.

So, if the calculus of consequence, as opposed to one of morality (the lockdowns completely fail by that latter calculus), be the gauge, then if one more person is harmed in the overall by the Q&L than was spared or helped by them, it will have been the wrong thing to do, and not worth a single bankruptcy or business going under, nor a single right forfeited, nor a single instance of unnecessary non-covid health consequence or death experienced, privacy lost, nor the many trillions of dollars of debt (ours) it incurred. If the harm of the reaction is significantly worse, and I’ve heard starvation being predicted, experienced in the 3rd world, and food shortages in the 1st, and we already now verifiably have the ‘supply chain crisis’ – an obvious direct result of lockdowns – then the question is:

Why does harm from this one pathogen, this one risk (which isn’t exceptionally lethal [17], even by official crisis managers’ assessment [18], and is only a substantial risk to a small minority of people, anyway, mainly the elderly with additional health issues) matter so much that the present course gets preserved, defended, continually escalated and thought righteous by so many, but the far-side harm and emerging and increasing current collateral damage, some of which is clearly evident (the financial catastrophe and adverse vaccine event factors are not at all murky), and possibly, whether now or eventually, being much worse taken together, is considered just a necessary evil and gets a shoulder shrug and dismissive wave-off from most people?

I can’t answer that for anybody but myself, but I consider it thoughtless and completely irrational, and by far the more callous position with respect to concern for human life and ‘the general welfare.’ If this single risk matters to the exclusion of all others, then it ought be far worse both now and at the end of the line than all the harm the reaction policies are causing and will continue to cause into the future.

I’ve read that 2/3rds of small and medium sized businesses will be, have been, ruined by the lockdowns. Permanently ended. I don’t have the right to demand that sacrifice of another person. The calculus doesn’t work and it’s morally wrong. What are these people supposed to do now? Live off government assistance indefinitely, I guess (and how is that paid for)? Who would ever risk starting a business again with the risk of arbitrary shutdown by the state looming forever over their head with each new or renewed or mutated health ‘risk’? People in Australia and New Zealand need permission now for nearly everything they do, are arrested or questioned for merely being outdoors or too far from their homes (5 km limits have been in place in parts of Australia for a very long time now), or out past a certain hour, and their political officers (Dan Andrews, Kerry Chant, Michael Gunner), are acting like full-blown despots (and getting away with it), and seem pretty happy about it, with their newfound power, I presume. [19]

The stats are and have been generally suspect, and have mainly been about ‘cases’, not deaths, with said cases being determined by a test that does not, by its creator’s own admission and caveat [20], test for the particular virus (any virus), nor distinguish between live and dead virus, nor between influenza and coronavirus, and the CDC is phasing the PCR test out by year’s end for that very reason [21], in part.

The flu, as it happens, miraculously all but disappeared from the world in ‘20 and first 8 months of ‘21. I don’t believe that happened, being highly implausible. Whereas, flu cases being ‘deemed’ to be covid instead seems entirely plausible and likely, and if true, then the covid stats are further degraded. 

The PCR results are rendered further worthless by too high a ‘cycle count’ being used (invariably the case), i.e., too many cycles basically guarantees a positive test. Apparently you can find anything if you run enough cycles. PCR was not meant for diagnosis, but for research. It’s a genetic material amplification tool, not a diagnostic one, and its use and results appear to have been skewed to support the idea of a pandemic.

Likewise, the deaths stats appear to be largely unreliable, being greatly inflated by deeming anyone dying ‘with’ covid – as determined by the aforementioned inaccurate and not fit for purpose PCR test – as opposed to ‘from’ covid, i.e., either solely or largely, to be a ‘covid death’ (including some car accident and gunshot victims). Vast numbers of people with multiple other ailments (aka ‘co-morbidities’), people already at death’s door or moving that way in earnest. This has been stated policy by federal and states’ health officials. [22]

There will also be, forever, add’l ‘waves’ and variants, and other new viruses and pathogens coming, along with c19, or to be deemed to be variants of it, and the reaction precedent is now set, and maybe the next one will involve harm we can all see for ourselves, wherever we look, unlike c19. If we locked down for this without the slightest protest by the majority of people, then those same people will be digging underground bunkers beneath their houses in that more explicit case, and absolutely demanding that people like me be thrown in gulags.

People now routinely walk alone outdoors, hike on nature trails, drive alone in their cars, nowhere near anyone else or completely barriered, still wearing masks, and they seem quite content about it. I can’t imagine clearer evidence of the absence of critical thought or blind obedience to authority, and that’s a lethal combo. Things feel very cult-like to me at this point, so I feel it’s time to actively step away, at least in spirit, from what feels like societal madness to me, and further, what appears to be an obvious social experiment, and to make that known.

Having read a lot of history, if nothing else I’m clear about the lethality of collectivism and highly centralized state power (around 150 million people killed by Mao and Stalin alone in the 20th century). Everyone ought at least read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s abridged version of The Gulag Archipelago for a description of the arbitrariness and cruelty of such power, the author having experienced it (basically a non-fiction ‘1984’), and we’re way down a dark road that direction again at this point, on many fronts. Those who see it need now to note it, and say no to it, publicly, a lot of someones, and I decided one of them should be me, and while the storm cloud is right overhead and growing.

As a practical matter, regarding masks, I’m persuaded by the argument that beyond larger droplets such as coughing or sneezing might create, they do nothing to protect anyone against ultra-tiny aerosol virus particles migrating through the air via breathing. I don’t wear one at home, outside, anywhere alone, with anyone I cross paths with often or closely, or for a moment longer than I must, and I believe them to be theatre and symbolic in purpose. Neither an effective nor healthy practice, and an unwholesome habit to get into, and I consider them degrading to interactions; nullifying facial expressions, causing people to have to repeat themselves or speak too loudly, or to just not interact at all, and are a very unwholesome behavioral adoption for a ‘free’ people, and, I find them gross.

Masks are also an ongoing and unfolding environmental disaster, as for masking to be anything like a healthy practice my understanding is that everyone should be changing them 3x a day, every 5 hours or so. They don’t, but say 5 billion people actually did that. That’s 15 billion masks worn a day, 105 billion a week, 420 billion a month, and 5 trillion masks a year, most being disposable. Even at the rate they are being worn they are creating thousands of tons of non-biodegrading waste.

I keep my distance according to others’ comfort levels mainly, and my own, if I think I or someone else is sick, with whatever, and I will continue to wear a mask where I must outside the home to conduct my necessary life tasks, and if I am asked to at someone’s private home or business, if I have a brief, necessary, practical (not social) reason to be there, but, not socially and not for my music jobs (unless approaching the audience, or if inside a building to use bathroom or order something if requested to do so), neither before, during or after. They do nothing and I don’t want to be seen to honor the pointlessness of the gesture any more.

Now, however, and much more significantly, we are progressed predictably beyond masks, and there are the injections; experimental shots of a novel technology into one’s body, inaccurately referred to as vaccines, and their boosters, apparently to be required indefinitely, that have no long term studies, potentially irreversible effects, and now have significant evidence of major adverse reactions and death, against which pharmaceutical companies are completely indemnified by law, and which companies are not obliged to divulge their shots’ proprietary patented contents to those being pressured to take them, and which are not necessary or indicated for the vast majority, anyway, even if they were safe and effective – which it is increasingly apparent they are not – as the survival rate for most people is 99.5% or better (see note xiii), with children being at almost no risk at all.

The injections neither prevent contraction, nor transmission. [23] [24] Gibraltar just cancelled all Christmas activities because of ‘breakthrough cases’. [25] Gibraltar is 100% injected. So, one is not protecting, has not protected anyone else by getting them. They merely, if anything, lessen one’s own symptoms should one contract it, and that benefit wears off, and pretty quickly, as we have learned with the waning efficacy stats, and need for boosters. Hospitals worldwide are full of double-jabbed and now boostered people, they making up the lion’s share of the hospitalized in many places like Israel, Gibraltar and Australia, and there have been numerous spikes in death and hospitalizations correlated directly to the commencement of the injections in countries all over the world, with some suggesting that the injections are possibly causing the variants, creating the phenomenon of antibody dependent enhancement, or the reactions to them are being mistaken as variants, in that they cause the body to make the spike protein, which is the pathogen of c19. Further, the injected would further appear to be a potential risk to the uninjected, not the other way around, via ‘shedding’ of that spike protein (countless stories now of uninjected women with disturbed menstrual cycles in the wake of time spent in proximity to the injected.)

There has been, all along, a massive, relentless and creepy media fear campaign, with endless discussion of the threat, the shots, the cases and deaths, and there is direct and indirect coercion involved with the push for these shots to be taken, via lost work, school expulsions, inability to travel or visit dying family in hospital, and now segregation of the uninjected – an Irish politician now wants to ban the uninjected from even buying groceries – all of which clearly violates the informed consent part of the Nuremberg Code, as these prohibitions and actions were and are coming with the encouragement of governments to the private sector, to begin with, and now are taking the form of direct gov’t mandates, with Austria now putting the uninjected under a partial house arrest. Austria. Hitler’s birthplace, and heart of the Germanic Third Reich. No lessons learned apparently, there or anywhere else. Many other countries will be following onto that path presently.

The right to be secure in one’s own person (body) guaranteed to Americans by the 4th Amendment to The Bill of Rights to The Constitution is also obviously violated by any such state issued or encouraged mandate. Those are both straightforward legal and moral tenets, not in need of interpretation. Certainly not in spirit. Nothing subtle about them, and if they don’t apply when needed and you don’t control even your own body, then you are surely not free.

I’m happy to interact with anyone anyplace where the mutual comfort zones allow, and don’t generally bring my views actively to bear in my social or professional circle anywhere without solicitation, but I will be less quiet going forward, and I’m getting off the train to totalitarianism, stating my objection now publicly in so doing. I understand this could, will, be strongly offensive to some people, and that some of my associations could go by the boards as a result, some already have done, but I hope to not get any vitriolic responses (I find that almost nothing reveals more about a person’s character than voluntary acrimony dispensed at a distance through a keyboard), nor to have any hostile confrontations in person. This message has been civil and well considered, I hope any responses to it will be likewise.

I’ve seen a lot of scolding, dismissive, browbeating admonishments on social media about injections, masking, social distancing and staying home, some by people I like, and suspect now that that’s probably the most significant function of Facebook and social media, in general, to chastise and ostracize, if necessary, the non-conforming and to applaud the conforming. That’s a very powerful factor, as we all remember from grade school, and it feels entirely unwholesome and devoid of critical thought, and is repugnant to me, so I’m certain it’s a dead end medium as far as meaningful communication between humans goes. I’m willing to speak with or correspond with anyone (by email), to a point, if the interaction is and remains civil.

No offense was meant to anyone in writing this, and I thank you for reading this term paper of a personal statement if you did. I wish to all the restoration of fundamental freedom – which I reckon to be the foundational principle upon which any and all other societal values and many personal virtues stand – good health, and a non-dystopian future. I’m hoping to be wrong, and that I’m making a big mountain out of a…. smaller mountain (this situation being way beyond a molehill), but we’ve already lost a lot of ground, are well down a bad road now. I don’t think people care much about freedom, actually, nor much about history.

In summary, for anyone tempted to accuse me of a heartless disregard of others, I believe support of lockdown and mandatory injections is support of greater harm, far greater, across many categories of life, and the evidence now of major adverse events (side effects) to the various injections is becoming an avalanche, which is obvious to anyone that sees any genuinely alternative (heretical, shunned) news sources or that consults primary sources, like VAERS (easiest via OpenVAERS), EudraVigilance, the official adverse events reporting sites in the US and Europe. [26] Every report is not confirmed to be caused by the injections, but it’s a colossal number of reports. I believe it’s an easily supported assertion now that the vaccines are not safe just from the wave of super-fit athletes and children around the world having cardiac and blood-clotting issues since the injecting started.

Kids don’t have heart attacks and strokes, carditis, and athletes collapsing from heart problems was always a super rare thing, until very recently, this year. Len Bias of The Boston Celtics is the only one I recall in my lifetime to 2021. There are video compilations all over BitChute and Odysee (YouTube blocks them) showing them keeling over in significant numbers this past year. [27] Footballers (from the game that mainly actually uses the feet) and basketball players, that is, the fittest of the cardiac running fit. [28] [29] This was never the case before in such numbers for elite athletes, and was never the case at all for children. If it ever happened, I’d never heard of it with children before 2021.

Lockdown harm (unlike the virus, had it been allowed to just run its course, which it probably did, anyway), will continue on and magnify further well after c19 has passed by, if it’s ever even allowed to, isn’t perpetually repackaged. Kerry Chant, a dour tyrant of a health minister in Australia, has stated that this is just part of life now, boosters forever, intermittent lockdowns when deemed necessary, and to just get used to it. ‘Climate lockdowns’ are being floated now, as well (climate change mitigation being a major part of both The Great Reset and Agenda 21 plans).

I believe we are witnessing the obvious rise of authoritarianism, at a minimum, with totalitarianism, this time a very technological worldwide one with no ‘place’ for anyone to flee to once established, being the last stop on that line if people don’t begin to show some major respect for their personal freedom and fundamental rights, and more importantly; for those of others, and right away. When I was a kid, I often heard adults discuss how puzzling it was that Germany embraced Hitler and the Nazis, that extreme police state, and wonder how they (the German people) could have let that happen.

That question’s been answered for me. I think this has been a giant Milgram’s Experiment [30], with a societal expression of Stockholm Syndrome [31] also now in evidence. So it appears to me. A social psychologist’s dream study. Apparently, most people are forever just hugely deferential to perceived authority; political, medical, scientific, military, et al, and almost always give it the benefit of the doubt as to motive and practice, and really just can’t stomach the idea that it might be dangerously corrupt or malevolent at the level of policy creation, all history and obvious evidence that it is or has been so in the past getting pushed out of mind as quickly as possible to return to the trivial and mundane, to normal matters. The banality of evil (of those who go along), and I think it’s happening again, this time on a gargantuan level.

Solzhenitsyn writes about this phenomenon at length early on in the The Gulag Archipelago, addressing why people don’t push back early on before things get out of control, or try to escape or fight when arrested by the nightmare state entities, the secret police, why the whole neighborhood doesn’t come out to turn the arrest parties away. His explanation covers it about as well as it could be covered, I would think. People think, first off, that there must be some mistake. They are innocent, and that will become known shortly, so there’s a lot to lose by pushing back prematurely. Everyone knows their life as they’ve known it is over the moment physical resistance occurs. No turning back then, so, people just comply and hope it’ll blow over, that cooler and fairer heads will soon prevail. Past a certain degradation in society and its governance, though, that doesn’t happen, and people end up in gulags, and for nothing at all in time. No reason needed after awhile.

It’s also true that very early on the people warning about such a transition tend to look crazy, and this past year and a half was that early time, now mid-time, and I said nothing too publicly lest it pass quickly, for that reason, and so as not to damage personal relationships and professional associations without genuine and substantial cause. Over 18 months in, I can’t maintain that position anymore. This isn’t going away, it’s worsening, so I’m saying publicly here that I don’t consent, not to lockdowns, not to mandatory experimental injections, not to wearing a mask indefinitely, or wherever and whenever some bureaucrat, or executive, or legislature, or stampeding herd says I must, and I hope that many people will withdraw their own consent, if given so far, and likewise speak up and cease complying, and very soon.

Jim Funk, November, ‘21


Autumn 2022 UPDATE:

Since I wrote that post last November, it has now been widely admitted that:

  • Neither masking nor distancing did or do anything to contain viruses, and the masking is unhealthy for the wearer, in multiple ways, especially for children. Here is one credentialed discussion on that topic

  • The infection fatality rate (deaths divided by number of infected – not by reported ‘cases’), was always relatively low, and that the pathogen was mainly a big threat to the very old (admitted even this year by the main salesman himself, Bill Gates). But there were, however, prominent studies already saying that in ‘20 & ‘21, as cited above, by John Ioannidis, a major guy in his field. Those studies never got any press, of course, but it’s not credible to suggest that Gates, Pfizer, the CDC, The WHO, or The White House’s c19 task force didn’t know about them. Surely they did. 

  • The shots don’t stop infection or transmission, with a prominent woman formerly on the Trump and Biden c19 task force (Deborah Birx) admitting recently she knew the shots weren’t going to work (same woman referenced above that admitted in ’20 that the policy was to deem nearly everything covid related, regardless of other factors that might be present), and a Pfizer executive admitting to the European Parliament that they had no data to support a claim that the shots would prevent transmission. The experimental shots that came with all that massive societal pressure to get, that were repeatedly promised would do exactly that, and thus protect others. 

  • There were always viable alternatives remedies and early treatments, like Ivermectin and HCL, which are both legitimate, with lots of studies to prove it, so the experimental gene shots were never necessary or ethical (or legal to receive Emergency Use Authorizations, since options existed).

  • The shots have proven to be very dangerous for a huge number of people, should have long ago been recalled, stopped (and have been in certain countries for certain age groups). Blood clots galore, cardiac inflammation, strokes and heart attacks in super young and super fit people, with a new term even coming into being this year, ‘SADS’, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (and commercials/PSAs attempting to normalize the phenomenon), tons of neurological damage, Bell’s Palsy, terrible, ongoing convulsions. People just dropping dead or having ongoing seizures all over the place. Doctors and scientists and press calling it ‘baffling’, though the correlation to the advent of the shots is obvious, and starkly so. Justin Bieber and his wife, Haley, are both still in their ’20s, and he’s had a type of Bell’s Palsy-like occurrence (forcing him to cancel much of his planned 2022 touring), and she had a stroke, this year. Same house. She’s only 25. They are both perfect and fit and beautiful. What are the odds of that in one house of young people? Stories of likely harm or suspected harm from the injections can be read about at Mark Crispin Miller’s Substack page, The Covid Blog, or at Open Vaers


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25 Responses

  1. Shirley December 12, 2021 / 8:13 pm

    I percent agree with your views!!!!! I do think there are many more of us who think this way, but we are the minority, at least in Sonoma County! We will continue to attend your events!

    • admindmp December 13, 2021 / 8:35 pm

      Thank you, Shirley.

  2. Anonymous December 8, 2021 / 2:24 pm

    Did you inform people who have sung with you on the same mic of your vaccination status so they could make their decision? Before they visited a family member with cancer or an elderly parent? Did you let them know THIS data? Just curious. I would assume not.

    • admindmp December 8, 2021 / 3:27 pm

      You assume wrongly. I’ve told all my regular associates, and did so early on. I also don’t share a mic with anyone but a very occasional sit-in, and would think anyone about to sing on another person’s mic would be proactive in asking about that themselves if that was a concern. I also have never had a symptom and am persuaded that ‘asymptomatic’ transmission is rare to the point of negligibility, if it happens at all. Finally, the injections don’t prevent transmission, that’s an accepted reality even in the orthodox narrative, so it doesn’t matter who did or didn’t know about my choice and position.

  3. Mudd December 8, 2021 / 1:18 am

    Hello… I am wearing a mask as I read this. As part of my weekly routine I get vaccinated every Thursday at 2 PM at my local CVS parking lot(wearing my masks (3)of course). Being a healthcare professional I see many usually healthy people come in with severe symptoms of COVID-19. How do I know? They’ve always been healthy! There’s nothing wrong with them at all ., they eat all the best foods and exercise. They have no history of health problems or co- morbidities or hereditary problems. These tests are so accurate. There’s never a false positive. We know our patients have Covid because .. because .. just because. We don’t like to question. Blind Acceptance Will be the key to our survival. Oh yeah… And we’ve overpopulated the planet and… this is natures way of telling us .. I mean Bill Gates/Fauci whatever.. Let’s just kill a bunch of people and jail the rest and the earth can survive and that’s all we care about blah blah blah blah

  4. josephine c. December 4, 2021 / 10:05 pm

    I agree 100% with what you say and you only covered the tip of the iceberg. I admire your courage and vulnerability to put this out there my fellow blacksheep. I would proudly stand beside you in any forum. This dark agenda is a hill I am willing to die on. We need more “local” heroes like yourself. Here are 2 videos that will shine a light on a bigger picture for folks who are in the hypnotic trance of fear and trauma. sorry the hyperlink doesn’t work in this comment box

  5. Jeff December 1, 2021 / 4:17 pm

    It may sound heartless, but I really believe this is Nature’s way of trying to cull the herd and re-establish some healthy equilibrium for the world. The bottom line is that we have simply overpopulated our small planet. We keep selfishly fighting Nature on this, and in doing so take away any future our grandchildren might have had.

    By the way, my very favorite line from this also describes my own politics right now: “I favor neither Trump nor Biden, and am amazed either even had a chance to hold the office of President.”

    • admindmp December 4, 2021 / 10:16 pm

      Thanks, Jeff (though I’m not sure ‘nature’ was, is, the driver of this).

  6. Dan December 1, 2021 / 6:34 am

    Right on, Jim! I was not expecting to read a novel, however once read I unfortunately agree with most of it. Total respect, Danny.

    • admindmp December 1, 2021 / 1:52 pm

      Appreciate the reading and the good words, Dan.

  7. Ross November 30, 2021 / 8:58 pm

    My opinion only – When Anthony Fauci recently said this in an interview about himself, in the third person: “when you attack Anthony Fauci, you are attacking science…I am science”,
    that’s a major problem. This whole pandemic, (yes the virus is dangerous for some people) in my opinion, whether planned or accidental, has been a dream come true for the sociopathic Pharmaceutical companies. It’s so obvious if you just take a little time to investigate the connections between PhRMA and ALL of our health agencies (CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID, etc) they all have just one goal, mandatory vaccinations for All humans, “everywhere” and it’s not about health, as usual, it’s about $$$$$ and some perverse kind of control…….like you said, just look at Australia.

  8. Anonymous November 30, 2021 / 8:38 pm

    Thank you for your perspective. Fortunately, you have not had to endure being a healthcare worker and seeing multitudes of originally healthy people, (and not just seniors and compromised) suffer and die due to specifically this virus.
    If you had, you might have a completely different perspective.
    Be well, and take care of that gifted voice of yours!

    • admindmp November 30, 2021 / 8:49 pm

      Thanks for the comment. There are many hardships I’m fortunate to not have experienced, but lockdowns caused their own significant hardships to many, and continue to.

  9. Nico November 30, 2021 / 8:21 pm

    Never surprised by your thoughtful, intellectual mind…. You have always been a great resource for the “truth”.
    I think this personal expose will only make those who love you appreciate you more…. Those who quickly reply with venom or lack of understanding were never worthy of your time to begin with…
    Brilliant words from a brilliant mind who also happens to be an incredible singer, songwriter .
    Love you man

    • admindmp November 30, 2021 / 8:35 pm

      Many thanks, Nicky, for the reading and the comment, and love you, too. Great to hear from an early friend (AND, the co-writer of the first two tunes I was ever a songwriter ON!). Major congrats, as well, on your cinematic success this past year. J

  10. Marilyn (Lynn) November 30, 2021 / 6:57 pm

    Hi Jim,
    Because it was from you, I read it, because it was from you, I respect what you wrote. Because it is long and somewhat complicated to follow (for me) I will read it again with a nice cuppa tea and a digestive biscuit when I’ve had the dogs out for their walk. Then I can read you again and allow in your views which in most ways differ from mine. All I really know, and follow in my small world here is that I AM afraid of catching the virus – we have had deaths in my community. So I’ve been vaccinated, and boostered, and wear a mask everywhere outside of my home. I do not think I will get COVID-19 or any of the mutations because of my precautions. But I do wonder about everything else you’ve clearly researched to the nth degree. I wish I were going to live longer than my hoped-for say another 10 years, maybe longer, to see what happens to the world if all of your premonitions and concerns come to be so. My mind is not closed to your views. If they do come to be so, obviously we’re in for a rough, frightening ride.
    Thanks for such a deeply personal, thoughtful, researched ‘note’ to us all. As you know, I have always wished you well, and will always do so. Keep up your good works, in every way.

    • admindmp November 30, 2021 / 8:07 pm

      Thank you for the thoughtful and civil comment, Lynn, and good to see your name. I don’t begrudge you or anyone else their concerns about this or any other pathogen, and I wish you most well, and perfect health, however you choose to tend it. Jim

  11. Kevin November 30, 2021 / 6:12 pm

    But how does all of this potentially impact my roller hockey game?

    Jim, hope you are doing well and know you have an old friend who misses our conversations.

    • admindmp November 30, 2021 / 6:14 pm

      Great to see your name, Kev, and thanks for message.

  12. Jennifer November 30, 2021 / 6:05 pm

    Dude, just get vaccinated.
    “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”
    John F. Kennedy

    • admindmp November 30, 2021 / 6:10 pm

      Must not have read more than a few words of that, or you’d know why I wouldn’t. Oh, well.

  13. Anonymous November 30, 2021 / 7:07 am

    You have reached inside my head and said in a large way, what I could not put down on paper!!!! My hats off to you. I too withdrawal my consent .

  14. Jennifer Lanett November 30, 2021 / 1:09 am

    Thoughtful, well written and researched. Thank you for speaking the so obvious truth!

  15. Brother Bill November 29, 2021 / 11:43 pm

    Wow…great … I am with you

    • James Funk November 30, 2021 / 12:01 am

      Thank you, Brother. Glad to hear it, thanks for reading it (and I’ll see you soon).

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