Nothing liberal now about the Left

Against free speech, against free (and peaceful) assembly, against bodily autonomy. Outside of a few pet issues, against freedom, in general, and harshly so. Stridently and consistently opposed, should they ever step out of conformity to the accepted narratives or game plans, to genuine liberals like, among many others, the author of the linked article – though deemed completely heretic now, an open-minded, civil and critically thinking absolute champ, a long-time professor at NYU, with an unimpeachable progressive pedigree, and, as a voluntarist libertarian, a liberal I’d be happy to live in community with (or very nearby, anyway) – and to sincere public advocates like Robert Kennedy, Jr. and, before him, Ralph Nader, both men of principle and good will with risks taken, costs absorbed and good works to prove it, yet reviled by the ‘left’, whether the rank and file or the ‘Establishment’.

What kind of “left” attacks the working class as “fascist,” and pushes FOR the “vaccination” of the poor worldwide?

It’s not a “left” that serves the working class, or anybody other than the globalists who manage it

I agree with Miller’s assessment, and think the general re-framing of the issue at hand, made increasingly by many and for awhile now, is correct. None of this is about Left or Right, liberal vs. conservative, capitalism vs socialism. It’s much simpler. One is either for the liberty of the individual, or for control, for both being controlled and for controlling others through the intermediary of the group. You either own yourself or the group does. We know where the latter conception and road leads. People still embrace it, though. It’s remarkable to me.

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