A Genie Let Out

Bags of domestic house cats taken from the homes of people testing positive for the famous pathogen in Shanghai, China, on the street, alive, awaiting collection for slaughter. People all over that city of 25 million locked in their houses, indefinitely, screaming from their windows and balconies, suicides by jumping and hanging all over place. Drone dogs walking the streets and flying drones above telling people to stay indoors and to quash their need for freedom.

Drone ‘dog’ with loudspeaker attached to back

Is it acceptable to say yet in polite company that the ‘remedies’ are now orders of magnitude more fearsome, gruesome and harmful than the modest risk they are supposedly meant to mitigate? For those that would say, ‘But that’s China! Would never happen here.’, I would respond that China has received praise for its handling of the ‘crisis’ from people at the public servant forefront of the c19 social phenomenon in Western countries, and there is certainly no outcry or condemnation from the officialdom of the West. It can happen anywhere, especially while people continue to claim that it can’t, completely ignoring history in so doing.

Who cares, anyway, where it’s happening? The crisis, response and policies were global ones, and mostly uniform from the start. China is just the leading edge of all of it. A totalitarian place where the state can do absolutely anything it wants without hesitation or possibility of reprisal, and a testing ground.

How close to Terminator and 1984 does the world have to get, I wonder, even if not yet fully in place on one’s own shores, before the regular people that live upon it (not those running it), that have thus far supported the extreme and irrational measures taken to contain a relatively minor viral risk for anyone under 70, might rethink that support, and start showing some concern for their own basic liberty and that of others? Is one ‘safe’ without freedom? Is the greater good served by its removal, by its conversion from fundamental right to conditional privilege? Is it not obvious that getting a virus is by far the more benign scenario in comparison to the totalitarian ‘safety’ measures China has put in place, and which are likely to get exported elsewhere, to some degree or another (and already have been to Australia and New Zealand)?

What are supporters of official policy and narrative going to do if it does and the health services come for their animals? Will it finally register then what they’re supporting, and that those measures have nothing at all to do with public safety or the ‘greater good’, or will they just hand over their family member – that’s what pets are for many or most – for slaughter and continue trusting and apologizing for the ‘authorities’ and such vicious policies?

What a horrifying end for those suicides and animals (dogs are being slaughtered, as well). Imagine the torment of the jumpers (some apparently have no food, and can’t even leave their homes to get any), not knowing when it might ever end, deciding they can’t do it anymore. Imagine the ongoing anguish and memory of those that have their animals taken, trying to live with watching your beloved creature ripped from your arms and stuffed in a bag, looking out at you wondering what’s going on? The impotency and transgression, the violation of that moment, and the memory it would create, is hard for me to imagine being able to reconcile with. That’s staggering harm caused to a person’s psyche and soul. And, compared to catching and fighting a virus? That’s the benefit? I’d rather lose to the virus than experience the moment of my animal being taken.

Most important, can you imagine the hearts, minds and souls of those issuing such orders, and, of those carrying them out? Look at the videos linked herein. I assume they are sadists and sociopaths. Without empathy, certainly. Ultimately, they are the problem and the heart of the phenomenon, what makes it possible. Those people start refusing their ‘orders’ and it all ends.

Plenty of people in the West admire the Chinese state, its orderliness and resolve. Do you want to be living in a world dominated by such people, by THAT energy and outlook and credo? Would it not be incalculably better to risk contracting a survivable virus, however unpleasant, which if you survive, as you likely would, you would then have natural immunity from, than to face the risks, evil, ugliness, and quality of life obliteration that this all represents?

All the ‘measures’ were nominally about public safety, the general welfare. No one is safer for any of this, and the general welfare has been dealt a savage blow, a deadly genie released from its bottle.

I hope people are starting to see it. A Rubicon has definitely been crossed. It won’t just be China, and there will be other pathogens. Always, and this one was/is mild and very survivable. If freedom is now conditioned upon the absence of contagious pathogens in society, then we no longer have it.

China under COVID is a hell on earth

It’s time for all of us to face it: China’s latest lockdown is a crime against humanity-and we ignore it at our peril, because what’s happening there will surely happen here eventually, if we let it

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