Ghost Places

I follow a board on Facebook that exists to post and comment on photos of abandoned buildings and various other discarded things around the State of Illinois (where I was raised). The photos therein, besides being poignant, interesting, fun, and often beautiful, also tell a tale, are evidence of a profound societal unraveling, one that’s been underway for a long time, decades, and which is part of an even bigger picture still. These rural ghost dwellings & the places where they exist – they are all over the country, from sea to shining sea – are unwinding, decaying, collapsing and departing, and will not be replaced or even inhabited much longer, being and having been long and largely neglected, impoverished and rapidly idiocratized (the word is apt, I’m afraid) and so made completely and irretrievably non-viable, at least as currently configured, and that’s not an accident. The concurrent shattering, and now rapid, degradation and chaos of many cities is a partner phenomenon, guided by the same hands, just populated and experienced by people that mostly vote differently and watch different news channels.

I’m writing this here to share there, so that what I’ve written has a primary, stable place to exist and remain should the admins of the abandoned places FB group board choose not allow it on the board, being very much on-topic, but off-point. I hope it will be allowed on the board (please leave a comment if you came here via FB, thanks), as I find that people fascinated by ghost things to also be, for whatever reasons and quite often, curious & generally thoughtful (this author excluded, of course 😉), so, thinking my odds of reaching some open minds improved by this tendency, even on Facebook, and having been on that board awhile now, I thought I would share a non-mincing gentleman discussing plainly his experience and perspective of driving recently through some ghost places and dying towns in Texas (while obviously not a person of the Left, the man you will hear, ‘Legalman’ – he has many insightful webcasts – is not a Republican, conservative, or Trump fan, and expresses his critique and contempt of the Right often in his many webcasts).

Some blunt, stark talk (he’s not missing his calling as a flowery diplomat), which will surely offend delicate ears and minds, but he’s correct and truthful, or rather, sincere, as his assessment could be proven incorrect by the passage of time (though I doubt it will be), or so he seems to me. Way beyond Red vs. Blue, certainly, a vantage point that thoughtful people ought move beyond as immediately as possible now, if they haven’t already (I would guess a lot of the ghost things people might already have, or would be inclined to, as a fascination with that subject seems to be a thinker’s or a poet’s ‘tell’, as they say in poker, however shallow, callous and contentious the tone of social media exchanges often are elsewhere).

Much has been written about why these places and their inhabitants are like they now are; the slow decay from vibrant & vital farming communities and factory towns into shrinking backwaters of poverty, crime, drugs, grotesque ill-health and idleness. What is obvious and verifiable to any mindful traveler or reader is that, to a significant degree, this a guided and intended trajectory, and one aspect of that trajectory is the future closing-off of the countryside and wilderness, of most rural and remote areas, the relatively near future now, partly by rendering them and the people that live in them not viable, economically, physically, intellectually, mentally and logistically, leading to a die-off of the sick, incompetent & old, and an exodus of the young and able, and eventually, once vacated to a sufficient point, deeming such areas as restricted for human use (just a very broad and ultimate use of eminent domain). It’s a longstanding agenda that’s been laid out in great detail by the U.N. and furthered and complemented more recently by the World Economic Forum with its plan, The Great Reset (of which the c19 social phenomenon plays a major catalyzing role; as will threats and claims of whatever disease, going forward), and is now, finally, coming noticeably to pass, and there are no tin-foil hats involved, only people that don’t mind acknowledging the stated and the obvious, as creepy as it is.

I thought that worth noting on a board where, without mentioning causes, they track and note and lament the physical progress of that trajectory, and the general, major physical unraveling of the very different world many visiting the board were born into, so different a place that it’s hard to imagine it occupied not long ago the same space we live in now.

With that, I give you the candor of….Legalman.

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