No, It Has Not Always Happened.

Not at this rate. While it’s possible, of course, that NFL player Hamlin’s recent mid-game cardiac arrest was caused by the blow to his chest on the the preceding play, the incidence of professional athletes collapsing and dying in general (most without sustaining any blow) since the advent of the c19 injections about two years ago is the same as the 38 year span between 1966 and 2004, and half of those earlier deaths happened to athletes with pre-existing heart issues. So, that’s a multiple of between (depending on how many of the athletes since 2021 had pre-existing issues) a 19 to 38x higher incidence of athlete death since the injections started.

That’s just pro athletes. Maybe even more striking is all the children and adolescents dropping, and that effectively has NEVER happened at any noticeable frequency, but always being an exceptionally rare occurrence.

It’s not a coincidence, but a major and obvious correlation, and very likely causal, not Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, nor Happy Heart Syndrome, nor the ‘stress of it all’, and it’s not ‘baffling’. It’s the shots. Pfizer’s own documents list cardiac and clotting issues as expected adverse events, and so they are. They are, at the very least, what has changed, what is new and different, and surely the most plausible explanation of all the deaths of those that should not be dying.

Full paper can be viewed or downloaded as a pdf below.

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