Hollywood’s Propaganda Bludgeoning

The level and overtness of propaganda in entertainment media is an amazing tsunami now. Watching the final season of the original Walking Dead series recently I noted that, throughout the series, and with the pedal to the metal as it wound down:

  • ALL featured relationships were either homosexual, interracial or interethnic, or some combo of those (Yumiko & partner). In the rare instances where the partners were racially the same, then they were homosexual (Aaron & partner), if heterosexual, then the partners were almost always of different races or ethnicities (Maggie & Glenn; Negan and wife; Ezekiel & Carol; the daughter of Alpha & boyfriend; Eugene & the sister of Mercer; Rick & Michonne; Rosita & Gabriel/ Rosita & Abraham; Jerry & Muslim wife), or wholly untraditional, with the only Causasian hetero couple I recall being Daryl and the special-ops female badass who displayed skill sets and testostoronic personality tendencies at least equal to his own – not at all a traditional male/female dynamic. Obviously this isn’t remotely representative of any human societies or the general inclinations of most people, and they ran the table with this message.
  • After the departure of ‘Rick’ from the show, ALL strong white males were either bad or disturbed men: Negan; Beta; The Governor; Simon; the leader of the special forces group Daryl’s girlfriend was part of; the Chief of Operations at the Commonwealth; or gay (Aaron); or the unique character of ‘Daryl, a ‘lone wolf’: exceptionally strong, clear of purpose, capable and competent, ultimately ungovernable, but with no inclination to lead or govern other than by example, and willing, to a point, to be governed by women leaders. Rick himself, the initial lead of story, had constant and increasing crises of weakness and doubt, whereas the resolve and moral clarity of all the female leaders was almost always entirely clear.

Any other strong good men were non-white; Gabriel (who became increasingly strong, while also becoming increasingly ruthless and merciless towards any threats, after having been uber-weak while still a merciful person); Ezekiel & Mercer, both being black, and taking over the leadership of the rescued Commonwealth at very end; Morgan (another lone wolf); or subservient, like Jerry.

Most other ‘good’ white men were either dismissable, redneck hotheads, like Shane and Abraham, or spineless and vile, like the petulant white son of the Commonwealth’s female governor; or background beta males, with the lead beta character of Eugene, white and brainy, being a super-Beta; fat, super fearful, and crying and blubbering at the drop of a hat, completely unlike any man I’ve ever known, even the weak ones, constantly needing the saving and support of the women around him. Major message bringer, and a major theme.

  • After Rick left show, and Ezekiel lost the Kingdom, almost all leaders, good and bad, and whether of large community or small squad, were women: Maggie; Michonne; Alpha, the Commonwealth governor, the leaders of Oceanside; Deanna (the first leader of Alexandria), and Carol, a female lone wolf who nevertheless commanded the voluntary obedience of most men around her, and who ultimately took over the Chief of Operations job at the Commonwealth at end.

Then, checking out the first five minutes of one of the spin-offs, the very first major male character introduced is gay. Just a propaganda bludgeoning, which they really ramped up to close the original show down, and will obviously be hammering home with all spin-offs, and like the recent staged Thunberg arrest video, shamelessly in your face. No attempt to conceal any of it. Completely unembarrassed.

In summary: Men are bad, and weak, particularly white men; women are strong and clear of purpose, the natural leaders in human society; homosexuality is an esteemed state, and as likely as not; and most people choose to couple with people outside their own race or ethnicity (or should, if they don’t).

An amazing societal time. Incredibly uncivil, irrational, unreasonable, ugly and counter-instinctive. Things must be coming to a pivotal head soon, I would have to think.