No Good Deed Goes Unpermitted

So….this shouldn’t even be remotely possible, but it is, and it’s routine, and no one is really surprised when it happens, and everyone shrugs their shoulders because….there is nothing anyone can do about it. So far. Not in this paradigm, and certainly not in the moment, while the food truck is getting the heave ho, being shown the door, and exactly when it is most needed. Again we have the servant government’s petty and voluminous rules trumping reason and the very real and far more relevant and pressing needs of the people dealing with catastrophe.

After the fact, people can complain and call or write their councilmen/aldermen, start a petition, try to get such and such regulation or code overturned, but who has time for that, and who should have to make time for that (likely unending and futile) task? The moment has passed, anyway, and another like it will not likely arrive soon, so very few people will want expend their energy that way after the fact. Nor should anyone ever have to. The people being given or buying the food can make their own assessments about the risks entailed. It’s none of the state’s concern.

Again, the servant is master (always is, since that servant status is entirely theoretical), and it is because the current (and ancient) paradigm says there is no option but to associate with the entity (the state).

Food Truck Giving Free Food to Hurricane Workers, Kicked Out of Town for Not Having a Permit

Green Cove Springs, FL – After Irma devastated Florida, most restaurants and stores were shut down in certain areas. Green Cove Springs was one of those places. So, when Jack Roundtree, owner of the Triple J BBQ food truck, arrived in town, not only was he welcomed with open arms – he was desperately needed.

The Basic Problem

An apt example of the basic dynamic of collectivism. The “owner” owns nothing. The entity that one can not disassociate from, nor have any practical control over, the state, acting as a proxy for “the group”, effectively owns all the houses within its jurisdiction. A warned occupant in this case must both fix any “violation” AND apply for permissions and pay their costs in order to do so, and which will likely be followed by citations in a matter of time if not fixed in the preferred time frame, and must also pay for the agents who are grossly misusing their time issuing the warnings.

No sane persons would ever direct their servant government to apply itself thus in this time frame, within hours of a hurricane’s passing, but this is what must inevitably be the result of the existence of a relationship which may not be opted out of. The servant is become the master, and must unavoidably become so, and there likely is no reform I can see save the ending of compulsory participation in “the group”. The DM

To ‘Help’ Residents Repair Homes After Irma, Govt Gave Out Code Violations for Damaged Property

Miami-Dade, FL – When all logic and reason is void of a decision – as in many decisions made by the state – authorities often turn to their only option, threats of extortion backed with force.